Initial News Article

March 10, 1967

Source Credit Arizona Republic by Jerry Eaton


Arizona Republic Editorial

November 12, 1969

An editorial reporting on the recent conference on the Rio Salado Plan chaired by Dean James Elmore.  About 100 civic and municipal leaders met in Scottsdale and heard new elaborations on the plan.  The results of further studies made by succeeding classes of ASU architecture students were presented

Source Credit Arizona Republic Editorial


Phoenix Magazine Project Update

July 1, 1971

Author Leo Moore gives an enthusiastic description of the Rio Salado dream and he describes how things may be developed in the year 2000. He describes progress made by the Valley Forward Association, who took the lead on moving the Project forward in 1969. In May of 1971, they “turned over $34,000 to MAG (Maricopa Association of Governments) for a study of the feasibility of building the Rio Salado.  The study is being done by the California firm of Daniel, Mann, Johnson and Mendenhall.”

Source Credit Phoenix Magazine, author Leo Moore


The Rio Salado Story – November 1984

November 1, 1984

This article in the Phoenix Magazine provides a well researched history of the Rio Salado Project from its beginnings as a student project in the ASU College of Architecture, through its nurturing by the Valley Forward Association (now the Arizona Forward Association) to the development of a detailed master plan by the Rio Salado Development District in preparation for a county wide ballot issue that would provide for funding.

Source Credit Phoenix Magazine, by Carrie Sears Bell


Rio Salado Symposium – 1995

November 13, 1995

This publication documents a symposium “Rio Salado -Retrospect and Prospect” that was conducted on 13 October 1995.

Source Credit AZ Board of Regents, ASU College of Architecture and Environmental Design, Herberger Center for Design Excellence


Ground Breaking — Program

August 8, 1997

The program of events for the August 8, 1997 ground breaking listing speakers, City officials and staff,  members of the Rio Salado Advisory Commission and Sponsors/Donors.

Source Credit City of Tempe