Corps of Engineers Feasibility Study

April 10, 1998

This Final Feasibility Study found that the proposed environmental restoration alternatives along the Salt River in Phoenix and Tempe were warranted because upstream water projects have curtailed year-round water flows and converted the once perennial Salt River into a dry river bed devoid of native vegetation and species diversity. The study identified two potential sites that held promise as favorable cost-shared construction project locations that would restore the Salt River linear corridor to re-establish rare and valuable native riparian plan communities, establish cover and habitat structure, and provide the opportunity for wildlife to utilize this area once again.  The first site, referred to as the “Tempe Reach,” is in the City of Tempe, on portions of the Indian Bend Wash (1.3 miles) and the Salt River (1.0 mile). The second site is located in the City of Phoenix, on the Salt River (5 miles), and is referred to as the “Phoenix Reach.”

Source Credit Army Corps of Engineers